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By: Alexander Christiani
Where: From my desk in Engelberg, Switzerland

Dear storytelling friends,

we’ll do it again!
In February we decided at short notice to hold our flagship seminar

“Storytelling in Business”

with over 3,000 live participants in recent years – to be carried out ONLINE for the first time:

The response was simply overwhelming:

The participants were enthusiastic about the story strategies that we had trained together.


The networking opportunities in our small group workshops and at the evening hangout …


. .. and the inspiring best practice examples from many business colleagues who, even under the harsh conditions of the lockdown, had increased sales and profits while competitors went bankrupt.

But some things also happen that I hadn’t expected:

Participants who were previously skeptical as to whether a live online event could be as emotional as an on-site seminar wrote to us afterwards that many of the stories gave them goose bumps .


Others, who had wanted to be there live for years, but shied away from the travel time to Düsseldorf or the investment, were totally thrilled that they could be there from their living room at home.


And a lot of writing that our event has opened their eyes, and good can be as transporting coaching content online, to whom they emotionalizes with good storytelling.

And again and again the question came up:

“When are you going to do this again?”


Answer No. 1: First of all, THANK YOU! For your awesome feedback, which I was really happy about!


Answer No. 2: We’ll repeat the whole thing from May 14th – 16th – with a revised new edition: A fat workbook for preparation and follow-up, new cool best practice examples to secure your business in lockdown, exciting guest speakers and much more.

Regardless of whether you think Merkel, Söder and Spahn’s corona management is clever or not, the strategy of endless lockdown leads to considerable economic upheaval in medium-sized businesses.

More than ever before , we need new strategies, new products, new offers, and effective communication … and of course the motivation to secure our business, align it for the future and continue to scale, agree?

The FORCED economic hibernation of the past few months has frustrated, angry, tired many of us – we have been presented with one problem after another that was beyond our sphere of influence and control.

How we master the current marketing challenges depends crucially on our marketing competence :

The good news is:

Most medium-sized companies still have many great opportunities:

when it comes to gaining new prospects and customers online, for example .

to find their message and to sharpen their problem-solving into an irresistible offer that their customers tear out of their hands out of pure self-interest …

… or to scale your business and no longer just exchange time for money.

This is exactly why there is “Storytelling in Business ONLINE”!

From 14.-16. May – Thanks to “Digital Streaming” in the comfort of your home!

Companies that already benefit from storytelling

Who this event is for:

Freelancers, self-employed, sole proprietorships and medium-sized companies who want to achieve above-average growth for their company.
Established companies that want to compensate and overcompensate for the decline in demand in traditional marketing with new strategies.
Young entrepreneurs who want to quickly build up a large base of interested parties.


Day 1: the foundation

Fri May 14, 2021

10.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.


Basics: Why regulars’ table and coffee party stories are not enough in business: The Archimedean point at which your business stories have to start in order to be successful.


Saying goodbye to zero-message marketing : “Good quality, many years of experience and 5-star service”: The empty phrases that you have to leave behind when it annoys you to constantly burn money in marketing.


The first quality level of stories, where most politicians already fail: How respectable business people tell authentic stories (including implementation training)


The second quality level of stories: Smock burning factor stories: How you pick up your customers with their big problems and get a lot of attention right from the start …

Day 2: The Story Marketing Plan

Fri May 15, 2021

9 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.


Story scripts for the five most important story types in business: customer benefit stories, positioning stories and sales stories


The Golden Marketing Implementation Rule : The three adjusting screws for your growth from start-up to market leader and the only correct order …


Three simple steps to a marketing breakthrough, each with 4 small building blocks: How to secure your business even under adverse market conditions in a few months and implement your marketing breakthrough – with 73 best practice examples from our storytelling participants from last year .

Day 3: The Story Implementation

Fri May 16, 2021

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.


My 12-month plan for story implementation with 4 mini-steps for each month: How you can no longer prevent your implementation success.


The Hollywood implementation team : How to build the good habit in a team of like-minded people that customer communication in your company is a matter for the boss .


The implementation mindset: More important than the stories we tell others are those we tell ourselves: Your success begins the day all excuses stop.

This is what enthusiastic participants say …

Jürgen Hollstein,

Company developer & coach

Christian Arentz,,

Virtual Reality Developer

Matthias Garden,

Presentation agency

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Included in the ticket:


Access to the live event (May 14-16, 2021)


Group work with a story coach


Comprehensive workbook including implementation checklists


Surprise package


2x hangouts after the event with Alexander


Feedback on your story from an experienced coach


“Look behind the technical scenes” – this is how you conduct your own online seminar.


Recording of the entire seminar

Who is the organizer?

I am Alexander Christiani
… and have in my “first life” as a sales coach , several hundred of the best sellers in their industries (including by Allianz, Bertelsmann, Commerzbank and many other DAX companies) in your discussions with customers accompanied :
I quickly realized that there was one thing in which they all proceeded significantly differently than their average colleagues: They told stories.

When I started transferring that know-how to marketing communications, the same pattern emerged: the entrepreneurs with the best stories – Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, Claus Hipp, and many others – dominated their respective markets.
Stories , the oldest communication tool known to man, are so effective that even mediocre stories can easily prevail over typical marketing promises .

Of course, this is all the more true for good stories! Because as my German teacher already knew: a good structure is half the battle for an essay,
ie those who “steam” their marketing with tried and tested story formulas immediately tell exciting stories with the five components of all blockbuster stories that communicate their own advantage in a crystal clear manner. I will show you how to do this in my three-part seminar …

Question and Answers

Where does the 3-day workshop take place?

Comfortable at home or in the office! The event will be streamed live via the Zoom platform. The event starts on Friday, May 14th at 9.30 a.m. and ends on Sunday, May 16 at 4 p.m.

What are the technical requirements to participate?

A laptop or PC – ideally with a webcam and microphone so that we can hear and see you. Participation with a tablet or smartphone is also possible.

Does storytelling also work in my industry?

Over 3,000 participants in over 90 industries use storytelling to achieve their breakthrough in marketing. You can get an impression of it here: https://storymarketing-institut.de/referenz/

Will I be able to work on my story?

Yes! You will work out three stories by Sunday evening. In addition, our group leaders and story coaches are available to give you feedback.

Will the event be recorded?

The recording can be purchased for € 99 in addition to the ticket. The recording is included in the VIP ticket. You can also purchase the recording during the event.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! We call it the “Story Ambassador Program” – you can find out all the information here: https://storybotschafter.de/

These are the results of our customers

Explicit WARNING:

If you are looking for a soldier of fortune coaching on how to become a millionaire in 6 weeks (preferably without any clue or effort), you have come to the wrong place!