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Flooded Universities
No More!

Get protected from devastating floods for the next 100 years!

Facility Engineers can now avoid the STRESS of excessive workload and costs due to cleanup, repair, and replacement of damages brought by flooding.


Is a flood solution really needed for your university or can we just endure the consequences of floods?

Question 1: What damages did the University experience in the past flooding situations?
  • Damages to university’s facilities & equipment including mechanical, structural, and electrical components.
  • Equipment in computer laboratories, audio-visual rooms, academic/science laboratories, gymnasiums or sports facilities were damaged.
  • Parking lots were also inundated, flooding some cars of students and staff.
  • Even after the floodwater has subsided, it took several days or even weeks to clean up the mess and to get the university back to 100% operating condition.
  • Need to fork out extra money to repair and replace the damaged equipment and facilities.
  • Yearly revenue/budget of the university were eroded due to unplanned emergency funds needed.
Question 2: What makes you doubt the decision to protect the University from flooding issues, even though you already know there is a solution?
  • Flooding has been a long-term issue for the University, do I really need to find a REAL solution?
  • Why do I need to propose a new solution to handle the flood problems, when the authorities already expect to spend EXTRA MONEY to replace, repair and clean the mess caused by floods every year?
  • Is the Return On Investment (ROI) of investing in a flood protection system really worth it?
  • Are other Universities doing the same? If not, should I still get flood protection or should I just do the same as them?
  • I am just a facility engineer, flooding is a natural disaster, it should not be my responsibility.

As a facility engineer, one of the important roles is to build up a strong and good reputation for the university.

Scroll down to learn why some of the largest education centers in the world like Qatar Foundation and FEU have decided to work together with us to find a long-lasting flood protection system for their Universities.

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

Oftentimes the messes and damages from flooding are still bearable. What you do not want to experience again and again is STRESS and MENTAL EXHAUSTION”

Why Invest in University Flood Protection?

OBJECTION 1:The university already accepted that flooding is a natural disaster that is unavoidable; hence, emergency funds are already allocated in the yearly budget.
REALIZATION 1: Think about the last flooding experience you had in your university. Is it only about cleanup, repair, and replacement? What about the stress along the way? What about the important hardcopy documents that were damaged by floodwaters? What about the scheduled exams that could not be held because of flooded classrooms?
OBJECTION 2: “Climate change is just a myth. Flooding hitsflood-prone areas only; it won’t hit us because we have never experienced it before.”
REALIZATION 2: Climate change is increasing the frequency of strongest storms. A trend of strong storms is expected to continue throughout this century. Stronger storms bring greater rains. In fact, different places around the world are experiencing the worst flooding situations in centuries.

Flood-prone areas are experiencing more severe flooding; surely, currently flood-free areas are going to experience their first flood very soon.


…to achieve universities guaranteed flood protection before the next big floods.

Step 1:


Set up a meeting for FREE Consultation to identify the flood solution that best fits your entrance.


It’s FREE.
Have first budget estimation.
Estimated Timeline for Flood Control System installation.

Step 2:


Describe in detail what you want to protect.


Have complete and detailed information; no price surprises
Discover the various types of flood control systems available to meet your needs.
The Flood Expert will help you find the best flood solution for your universities.

Step 3:


Integrate the “German climate-change-addressing design” flood protection to make your infrastructure flood-free.


No more universities flooding and hampered operation even during the rainy season.
Long-term flood protection and
With Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy the real peace of mind. No more worries about when the next flood is going to hit.


Arnel Ignacio

Celebrity Homeowner

Cainta, Rizal, Philippines
“You can never go wrong with the technology of the Germans. The standard that satisfies us…”
Anthony Quijano


Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines
“At least we can sleep better…we will not be dependent on others to clean the drains outside…”
Lamberto & Priscilla Carpio


Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines
“God has given us the right company to give us that peace of mind…”
Beth Alacar

Homeowner/Marketing Manager

Quezon City, Philippines
“For me, it always speaks of how professional the people and the services. And we feel that is credible…”
Van Dan Sathe

General Manager/Sandvik Asia

Maharashtra, India
“Dr. Andreas Klippe has beautifully explained the organization… ”
Gloria Chua


Cabanatuan City, Philippines
“…a German technology, European brand, and thinking that it has a better quality…”

We know your concern…

  1. How do I know if the flood solution really works?
  2. Some of our universities’ decision makers do not see the value or importance of installing a flood protection system to our universities, how can I convince them?
  3. What if the budget for the flood protection project is not enough?
  4. I heard about premises that got flooded even with flood barriers. Is that real?
  5. There are so many different types of flood protection systems. How can I choose the right ones for our universities?
  6. Will the integration of this flood protection technology increase the universities’ reputation?

In good company

Don’t take our words for it, take it from them

Join a community of proactive people who do not want floods to affect them.

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I appreciate people who are convinced to implement a climate-change-addressing design for flood protection.

As a German engineer, it is my duty to give them the best and safest protection possible.

With the “German Climate-change-addressing Design for Flood Protection”, your property can withstand floods for 100 years.

Be a part of our mission in Asia, by protecting 10,000 buildings against the danger of flooding before 2030.

Stay safe and flood free!

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

Dr. Andreas Klippe

President and Chief Executive Officer

Flood Control Asia RS Corp.

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

Every University’s mission is to provide a top-notch educational system that fosters strong student-centered learning and trains future professionals for the community.

Flood-proofing your university and everything within it is already a part of providing both staff and students a high-quality service.

To give the best and safest flood protection for every buildings and properties is what the Flood Experts do.
Let the Flood Experts help you.

Get universities the right and fast flood protection! Or continue to neglect unexpected floods. Continue to spend hard-earned money on annual replacements and repairs for flood-damaged university buildings and property.