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We protect critical infrastructures against flooding with a “German climate-change-addresssing design” – life span good for 100 years.

This is for public and political leaders who want to save their critical infrastructure from flooding, who want to become more prepared against disaster, and who want to save money rather than spend it for recovery.

Forward-looking leaders deserve the safest flood protection. But the critical infrastructure in the community is often unprotected against an increasing risk of flooding.”

Question 1:  Did you already experience the following scenario? Critical infrastructures like a governmental or municipal building; an airport; a train station; a bus depot; energy, water, or telecommunication unit; an evacuation center; a university or a school; or a health center or a hospital get flooded.
  • Floodwater is getting into the building through the doors, windows, foundation, masonry, or drainage. All furniture and electronics are devastated.
  • Floodwater is getting into basement parking areas and is flooding the cars, motorbikes, vans, and trucks. The vehicles get smelly inside, the electronics must be replaced completely.
  • Floodwater is threatening citizens from different places like the tarmac of an airport, a marketplace, and many parts of the city.

Question 2: Did you also hear these doubts from your neighbors, colleagues, or friends?

  • Technology is unknown.
  • Confusing ads on Facebook that all promise a solution.
  • Not enough technical know-how to distinguish between a serious and a fly-by-night supplier.
  • You don’t need flood protection.
  • Flooding only happens to others.
  • I think I can make it with sandbags.
  • We can ask a friend to fabricate a wooden or metal barrier. Cannot be so difficult.
  • We have already seen a 100 years of storms. That’s it for the next 100 years.
  • You do not need to make a decision now. Do it later.

If you think your critical infrastructure needs flood protection (good for the next 100 years), then:

Public leaders get a climate change-addressing flood protection, Quality Made in Germany, with a lifetime good for 100 years to protect their critical infrastructures.”

UNIQUE 1:German climate-change-addressing design and maintenance plan” allows a life span good for 100 years.


No wrong order of products that do not fit at the end (“no burning of money”).

UNIQUE 2: Services like design, installation, first & refresher training, annual maintenance, and a 24/7 spare parts warehouse are managed by our German-trained and certified engineers.


Accessible VIP After Sales package:

  1. Annual refresher training with renewal of Flood Marshall Certificates
  2. Annual maintenance for a longer life span (“where visionary leaders are loved and remembered for”)
  3. Emergency spare parts supply within 4 hours
UNIQUE 3: A Hydrostatic Test in front of you makes sure that the flood barrier system takes the water load without any leaks that are not compliant with the German norm DIN 19569-4:1995-02, class1. No leaks or you get your money back!

Relaxed sleep with no worries before and during heavy rainfall.

Protect your critical infrastructure against flooding with a German climate-change-addressing design good for the next 100 years.


… on how to get the “German climate-change-addressing design”.

Step 1:

Set up a meeting for FREE to identify whether the German climate-change-addressing design fits you. 



For Free.


First budget estimation.


Timeline for realization.

Step 2:

Describe in detail what you want to protect – we help you with this.


Complete information, nothing forgotten, no sudden surprise about additional prices later.
Using basic knowledge from 65,000 installed systems since 1990.
Comparing your critical infrastructure’s specification with already existing solutions in 34 countries.

Step 3:

You will get the “German climate-change-addressing design” to make your infrastructure flood-free.


To be ‘real safe’, German-trained RS Flood Experts help you select the right technical solution among the 14 product types, 14 accessories, and 10 services.
You’ll know the scope of expected civil works.
You’ll know how much it costs.
You’ll know when infrastructures will be flood protected.
The nagging uncertainty: Shall I include flood protection to the critical infrastructures in my area or will I burn my money?”

“To protect Doha Education City from flash flooding, the German RS Barriers were put up semi-permanently at twelve (12) governmental buildings for safety even under severe weather conditions.”

Dr. Fadi Jomaa

CEO of Al Qamra , Doha, Qatar

“Congratulations, Dr. Andi Klippe! You gave a great presentation talk in the Livable Cities/Rainy Season Readiness Webinar, very informative, interesting, successful, effective Flood Control technology, products, services-sharing your experience and expertise. Kudos Flood Control Asia! Fly high Andi.”

Arch. Felino "Jun" Palafox, Jr.

Principal Architect-Urban Planner, Palafox Associates | Metro Manila, Philippines

“We are very thankful to Flood [Control] Asia. Now, we can avoid flooding and the damage it brings upon our things: our instruments, our supply of medicines, everything.”

Marfe Salvador

Chief Nurse, Jose C. Payumo Jr. Memorial Hospital

Gloria Chua

Homeowner / Businesswoman

Cabanatuan City, Philippines
Priscilla & Lamberto Carpio


Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines

Anthony Quijano

Homeowner / Businessman

Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines

Common concerns that may worry you

  1. How do I know whether the flood protection solution will really work?
  2. I am not sure whether I will burn my money.
  3. Shall I go for something automatic or manually operated?
  4. I heard about people who got flooded even with flood barriers. Is this related to backflow from the drainage system and what can I do against it?
  5. Do I need to consider civil works?
  6. I am confused. Who is doing my planning design and do I need it?
  7. If I did not protect our critical infrastructure now, perhaps we would get flooded soon, and the muddy floodwater would destroy valuable assets like generator sets, machines, furniture, electronics, office supplies, and important documents. The rest would get messy. Expensive vehicles would be totally damaged, would become smelly forever, or cannot be repaired anymore… But can you guarantee that my decision to invest in flood protection will pay off?

In good company

Popular from

“Dinalupihan is very challenged when it comes to calamities [like] flooding. And we’ve had experiences wherein floodwaters entered the hospital. This is why we are very appreciative and we express our sincere appreciation to you [Flood Control Asia RS Corp.]… This [flood barrier] will [help] to not hamper the services of the hospital during calamities, and of course the lives and safety of the patients, especially our health workers.”

Hon. Ma. Angela “Gila” S. Garcia

Mayor, Municipality of Dinalupihan, Bataan Philippines

“We are close to Manila Bay, that’s why we always experience flooding. Thanks to the German government for this flood protection grant that cost us nothing. Definitely, we also thank the Flood Control Asia RS Corporation team, especially Dr. Andreas Klippe.”

Hon. Danilo Guinto

Mayor, Municipality of Masantol Philippines

“We are very happy. As you know, the district hospital in Dinalupihan is constantly flooded…this German technology can flood-protect the Dinalupihan [hospital], the doctors, the nurses, and most especially the patients. When the rain comes, we will no longer fear floods.”

Hon. Albert "Abet" Garcia

Provincial Governor, Bataan Philippines

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

Dr. Andreas Klippe

President and Chief Executive Officer

Flood Control Asia RS Corp.

I appreciate people who are convinced to implement a climate-change-addressing design for flood protection. It is my duty to give them the best and safest protection possible. Therefore, I introduce a combination of a factory acceptance test, an on-site hydrostatic test, and a unique 100 % money-back guarantee that will make your area feel real safe.

With the “German Climate-change-addressing Design for Flood Protection”, your property together with 10,000 other buildings in Asia will be protected against the danger of flooding.

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

Dr. Andreas Klippe

President and Chief Executive Officer

Flood Control Asia RS Corp.

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

100 % safety: Money back if the German DIN-standardized Hydrostatic Test fails. Without ifs and buts.

“…or neglect sudden floods. Continue year after year to spend your precious lifetime and hard earned money to compensate for the flood damages to your house (USD20k), cars (USD10k), and garden (USD2k) – and reduce personal expenses.”
“Once flood protected, you have more comfort, time, and budget to spend. But to provide your community with more safety and be a good leader let you join the group of visionary people in flood protection.”