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#33: Tired of seeing those stupid sandbags everywhere? Listen to this.

Germany is a developing country when it comes to flood protection

Today, “Dr. Flood” Andreas Klippe talks about the stone age in flood protection and a an innovation that is a revolution.

“Dr. Flood” will describe the problems, challenges, and the solution to get a long lasting flood protection. The Sandbag Dilemma: Delve into the widespread use of sandbags in Germany’s recent floods and their limitations; Innovative Solutions: Learn about the INERO Mobile Flood Barrier, a game-changer in flood protection; Design Brilliance: Understand the unique inclined design of this INERO Mobile Flood Barrier through a practical car-against-wall analogy; Global Contrast: Hear a first-hand comparison of flood protection in Qatar versus traditional methods in Germany; A Call for Change: Explore why moving from sandbags to modern solutions like INERO is crucial in the face of climate change. Join us in rethinking flood defense for a safer future.

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