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Listen to the protection against floods and heavy rain from “DR. FLOOD” Andreas Klippe

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A RUBBER DUCK belongs in the bathtub or swimming pool, but should not float in the living room or garage.

Climate change is here already.

How do you want to protect buildings and critical infrastructure against the destruction caused by floods and heavy rain?

Be there when it comes to protecting business premises, public buildings and important infrastructures, as well as private homes and garages from flooding and destruction caused by high water. This way, the hard-earned money is not spent on clean-up, repairs and replacements, but on the beautiful and important things in life, such as the children’s education, a new car or a vacation trip.

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“DR. FLOOD” Andreas Klippe

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#20: Dr Flood with a clear statement in German Newspaper

Prevention can be done to avoid flooding.

#19: Help! The public toilet is flooded

It happened to all of us: We are in public and we feel an urgent need. “Nature is calling”!” But the only public toilet nearby is flooded. I am suffering.

#18: How to protect your vehicle from rain damage during storm season

“Dr. Flood” was asked by FOCUS online to publish the solutions. FOCUS has the highest circulation figures in the newspaper market in Germany.

#17: How much do the flood barriers cost

Money, money, money is directing our life. The first thing I want to know as a building owner is how much my investment will be when it comes to construction.

#16: How to protect your home from storm flooding near the coast

Recent storm floods on the Baltic Sea in northern Europe caused significant damage and increased the risk of future flood events. “Dr. Flood” was asked by FOCUS online. FOCUS has the highest circulation figures in the newspaper market in Germany.

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I’m here to help you protect your home, business and critical infrastructure from the devastation caused by flooding and heavy rains.

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