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Listen to the protection against floods and heavy rain from “DR. FLOOD” Andreas Klippe

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A RUBBER DUCK belongs in the bathtub or swimming pool, but should not float in the living room or garage.

Climate change is here already.

How do you want to protect buildings and critical infrastructure against the destruction caused by floods and heavy rain?

Be there when it comes to protecting business premises, public buildings and important infrastructures, as well as private homes and garages from flooding and destruction caused by high water. This way, the hard-earned money is not spent on clean-up, repairs and replacements, but on the beautiful and important things in life, such as the children’s education, a new car or a vacation trip.

Welcome to my podcast.

“DR. FLOOD” Andreas Klippe

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#47: Climate Milestones: Deciphering the Impact of Historic Temperature High

In this episode of “Climate Milestones,” we dissect the implications of record-breaking global temperatures. Delve into how rising ocean heat and unprecedented heatwaves are transforming our environment and the critical role of advanced flood protection in this new climatic era.

#46: Flood Barriers: Ensuring Year-Round Resilience through Maintenance

The flood barriers are purchased and installed. You are ready for the next heavy rain and flooding. But what if the flood barriers do not work properly?

#45: This or that? (Part 3)

Drum roll! Here comes part 3 of “This or that?”. Once again, it’s exciting to see whether the questions or the answers are the more surprising ones for “Dr. Flood” Andreas Klippe.

#44: I need a quotation

The customer wants to know the price. Please give me a quotation. But then the questions start.

#43: Embrace a Flood-Safe Lunar New Year

Welcome the Lunar New Year with a promise of safety! Dive into our ‘Flood Protection Secrets’ podcast for expert insights on flood resilience. Transform your home into a fortress against floods and start the year strong. Listen now for empowering tips!

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