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What did this company did not consider in their building?

Learn how an office situated on a Non-Flood Prone Area got FLOODED!

How this Company in the Philippines became Flood-Protected

Do you think you are safe from floods? One company in the Philippines thought so! In 2017, the Clark Investors and Locators Association’s (CILA) office was flooded. Climate Change caused the rainy season to come late, making the ground drier than usual. When the downpours began, the ground was already hard and impenetrable; no longer able to absorb water properly. This caused the water to pool up, and because the natural slopes of the area caused the office’s back terrace to become a catch basin.

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Why take the Flood Self-Assessment?

No one is automatically immune from floods. With the Flood Self-Assessment, you will be able to:

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Take it from Satisfied Customers

Good news – you are not the first person to have problems with floods! But there are people from all over the world who are extremely happy because they made the good decision to protect their properties from floods. It all starts with properly engineered Flood Solutions. Let them help YOU make the right decision!

I tried searching for flood defenses and I found out that there is Flood Control Asia RS, a German technology, European brand, and thinking that it has a better quality, we decided to contact FCA… My husband said, It’s better to have German technology because it has better quality.

Gloria Chua

Business Woman

For me, it always speaks of how professional people are by the way they handle a particular product and the services that they offer. We felt that it’s very credible because it’s German technology so we might as well go for it.

Beth Alacar

Marketing Manager

Due to climate change, Qatar is now experiencing heavier rainfalls than before. Doha Education City is under threat of flash flooding. The barriers were put up semi-permanently at twelve (12) buildings during the rainy season, providing additional safety under severe weather conditions.

Dr. Fadi Jomaa

Group CEO

We decided to visit the company’s office in Clark and we were amazed by the different types of floodgates. The team showed how the RS Flood Barriers work in protecting the assets that we’ve worked hard for. I feel relieved now because we know that our house is protected against flood even if we’re in Manila, and away from home.

Christian Peñaranda

Business Owner

Start the Flood Self-Assessment

  • Determine your flood risk level!
  • Learn the critical weak points in your property.
  • BONUS: Rewatch the webinar FOR FREE!

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