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Avoid excessive workload
and costs due to clean up,
repair, and replacement
of damages brought
by flooding.

These proactive people started flood-protecting properties with German climate-change-addressing design.

“We are very happy. As you know, the district hospital in Dinalupihan is constantly flooded…this German technology can flood-protect the Dinalupihan [hospital], the doctors, the nurses, and most especially the patients. When the rain comes, we will not no longer fear floods.”
Hon. Albert "Abet" Garcia

Provincial Governor, Bataan Philippines

“For me, it always speaks of how professional the people will handle the particular product and the services that they offer and we felt that it’s [Flood Control Asia RS flood barriers] very credible since it’s German technology.”

Arnell Ignacio

Homeowner / TV & Radio Personality, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

“He (Dr. Andreas Klippe) has beautifully explained about the organization details, the real installation, and the experiences of other clients from other countries. That time, we thought that we should definitely contact Flood Control Asia so that we can get better products and services.”
Van Dan Sathe

General Manager / Sandvik Asia, Maharashtra, India

Gloria Chua

Homeowner / Businesswoman

Cabanatuan City, Philippines
Arnel Ignacio

TV & Radio Personality / Homeowner

Rizal, Cainta, Philippines

Anthony Quijano

Homeowner / Businessman

Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines

“I am Dr. Andreas Klippe.
I appreciate people who are convinced to implement a climate-change-addressing design
for flood protection. It is my duty to give them the best and safest protection possible.
Therefore, I introduce a combination of a factory acceptance test, an on-site
hydrostatic test, and a unique 100 % money-back guarantee that will
make you feel real safe.

With the “German Climate-change-addressing Design for Flood Protection”,
your property together with 10,000 other buildings in Asia will be protected
against the danger of flooding.”