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World Record and Excellence Award at the International Speaker Slam New York – Vienna – Mastershausen, Platinum Award for international humanitarian work as flood expert, PhD Process Engineer with distinction TU Berlin, European Studies Saint-Etienne, France, more than 30 years of experience in engineering, technical sales and entrepreneurship, founder of 5 companies including the Asian Center for Flood Protection in the Philippines, author of more than 1,300 publications on “Flood Protection” and “Successful Business in Asia”, member of the political and economic delegation of German Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economics Dr. Philipp Roesler to Vietnam and Thailand in 2012, editor of the podcasts “Technical Sales” and “FLOODED”, 5 times author of books – this is Dr. Andreas Klippe.

“This is the Champion League.” [Taunus Zeitung, Germany]

He lives 80% of his time in Asia with activities from Qatar to Singapore to China and is at home in a world where he inspires people with his rousing performances – and that with a dust-dry technical background. “Dr. Andreas Klippe convinced the audience in his closing speech. He speaks like a champion.” [Manila Standard]

As DR. FLOOD, he helps governments, businesses and homeowners protect buildings and critical infrastructure against flood intrusion. As ANDREAS KLIPPE he helps companies with technical products to suffer from the pressure of “fly-by-night companies” or to expand in Asia, “without discount battles, so that class prevails over mass again.”

“Andreas Klippe is one of the best in his field.” [Manila Times, Frankfurter Neue Presse]

After more than 30 years in technical sales and entrepreneurship with experience from 34 countries, Andreas Klippe has built up an enormous wealth of knowledge – nothing has escaped him.

He built up a technical flood protection company in Asia, doing business from the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent, via Southeast Asia and the Far East. As a result, he knows the pitfalls of the lure of fast money, everyday life and the customs of international business.

Andreas Klippe has received several awards, including the Platinum Award for international humanitarian engagement in flood protection.

CNN, Deutsche Welle, Hamburg 1 and numerous regional television stations interviewed Andreas Klippe to share his knowledge. This led to recognition in the media as “one of the best in his field”. [Manila Times and the Frankfurter Neue Presse]

The success maker
Whether private residences ranging from a simple house to the luxury residence of a Philippine TV star, renowned companies such as the Heineken brewery in Cambodia, the Swedish Sandvik Group in India or some SM mega-malls of the Sy family – the richest Philippine entrepreneurs – they all rely on the expertise, reliability and German engineering skills of “DR. FLOOD” Andreas Klippe.

Government projects in the Philippines and with the Qatar Foundation with Chairwoman and mother of the Emir of Qatar, Sheika Moza bint Nasser -, numerous delegation trips with ministers from Germany and from the Philippines as well as with the German Vice-Chancellor, enable Dr. Klippe to conduct “business in the front row”.

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