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RS DESIGN WAREHOUSE – We help you sketch your building, compound, or critical infrastructure flood-free with a “German climate-change-addresssing design”– life span good for 100 years.

This is for smart architects or engineers who want to impress their customers and builders with an integrated design for flood protection in their building or master plan.

In a fair world, every building, compound, or critical infrastructure can be designed flood-free; for a better world in the interest of citizens, house owners, entrepreneurs, and employees.”

Question 1: Did you already experience the following scenario: A building with people inside, cars in the garage or in the basement parking, and the surrounding compound get flooded.
  • Floodwater is getting into the house through the doors, windows, foundation, masonry, or drainage. All furniture and electronics are devastated.
  • Floodwater is getting into the garage and is flooding the expensive cars, the motorbike, and the bicycles. The cars get smelly inside, the electronics must be replaced completely.
  • Floodwater is getting into the garden from the street side or the neighboring lots. The lovely laid-out flowers and vegetable garden with the barbecue corner looks like a major construction site.

Question 2: Did you also hear these doubts from your neighbors, colleagues, or friends?

  • Technology is unknown.
  • Confusing ads on Facebook that all promise a solution.
  • Not enough technical know-how to distinguish between a serious and a fly-by-night supplier.
  • You don’t need flood protection.
  • Flooding only happens to others.
  • I think I can make it with sandbags.
  • We can ask a friend to fabricate a wooden or metal barrier. Cannot be so difficult.
  • We have already seen 100 years of storms. That’s it for the next 100 years.
  • You do not need to make a decision now. Do it later.

If you think your house needs flood protection (good for the next 100 years), then:

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

The RS Design Warehouse generates a climate-change-addressing design for flood protection including all relevant AutoCAD elements, Terms of References, presentation material and a budget.”

UNIQUE 1: The “5-Step Modus Operandi for architects and engineers” makes it possible to sketch a German climate-change-addressing design for flood protection in less than 15 minutes.
No wrong design that does not fit at the end (“no burning of money”).

UNIQUE 2: Complex data presented in an “easy-to-digest” way, ready for download and integration in the AutoCad file by “Drag-and-draw”, even with Terms-of-references for future bidding.

Saves manpower, working time of the employees, avoids wrong data.

UNIQUE 3: An estimated budget with an accuracy of 88 % that gives clarity to your customer and builder.

The builder saves a lot of budget by avoiding any reconstruction and changing the architectural design after completion to integrate flood protection.


… on how to get the “German climate-change-addressing design”.

Step 1:

Subscribe for the RS Design Warehouse.


Standard tier for FREE.
Select the right tier for your needs.
“Take advantage tiers” for the refund program.

Step 2:

The Flood Experts will activate your account.


You will get an email with an activation code.
Ready to work within 24 hours.

Start using the RS Design Warehouse immediately for your work.

Step 3:

You create your first project and download the required .dwg, .jpg, and .txt-files within 15 minutes.


Start with your first project.
Implement the data in your design.
Present the climate-change-addressing design for flood protection to your customer and builder.
The nagging uncertainty: Shall I include flood protection in my good design?”

“God has given us the right company to give us that peace of mind that we cannot get from anywhere.”

Priscilla Carpio

Homeowner, Malolos, Bulacan

“For me, it always speaks of how professional the people will handle the particular product and the services that they offer and we felt that it’s [Flood Control Asia RS flood barriers] very credible since it’s German technology.”

Beth Alacar

Homeowner / Marketing Manager, Quezon City

“We decided to visit the company’s office in Clark and we were amazed with the different types of floodgates. The team showed how the RS flood barriers work in protecting the assets that you worked hard for. I feel relieved now because we know that our house is protected against flood even if we’re in Manila, and away from home.”

Christian Peñaranda

Homeowner, Malolos, Bulacan

Gloria Chua

Homeowner / Businesswoman

Cabanatuan City, Philippines
Arnel Ignacio

TV & Radio Personality / Homeowner

Rizal, Cainta, Philippines

Anthony Quijano

Homeowner / Businessman

Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines

Common concerns that may worry you

  1. How do I know whether the flood protection solution will really work?
  2. When it comes to expertise, builders do not distinguish between real experts and wrong ones. Builders might consider flood protection as “burning money”.
  3. Shall I argue with builders who hesitate to adopt flood protection?
  4. Shall I go for something automatic or manually operated?
  5. Am I the right person to handle a topic like flood protection? Am I cut from the right cloth?
  6. I heard about a building that got flooded even with flood barriers. Is this related to backflow from the drainage system and what can I do against it?
  7. Climate change is real and arising: Perhaps I might lose customers when I remain inactive now. What if climate change is faster, and I miss integrating this technology in my designs?
  8. How can I define the dimensions of the wall that suits the side channels of a flood protection system?
  9. What kind of anchoring system do I need to make sure that the hydrostatic load can be absorbed from the foundation and the walls or posts?
  10. There are so many different types of barriers. How can I choose the right ones for my customers?
  11. If I do not include the flood protection in my design for builders in flood-prone and risky areas considering the increasing impact of climate change, then I do not follow my high standard of “good engineering and design”?!
  12. Will the integration of this flood protection technology increase my status?

In good company

Popular from

“So with the use of these flood control barriers that were placed [in the hospital], I think flood problems can be solved in the facility. Continuous service can also be provided to the patients.”

Engr. Enrico T. Yuzon

Provincial Engineer, Province of Bataan, Philippines

“I became aware of technological advancements in flood control. The traditional method has already passed us by and does not appear to be very promising; instead, choose for the new RS Flood Control Barrier System, which is the simplest and best solution.

Overall impression is great and our sincerest gratitude for giving us your time and knowledge! More Power!”

Jessica Bautista

House owner, Masantol, Pampanga

“I’ve discovered that using RS modern flood control technologies will provide a 100 percent and long-term solution to flood prevention.

CONGRATS RS! Continue to explore your vision!”

Alfredo Austria

Brgy. Councilor, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

Dr. Andreas Klippe

President and Chief Executive Officer

Flood Control Asia RS Corp.

I appreciate people who are convinced to implement a climate-change-addressing design for flood protection. It is my duty to give them the best and safest protection possible. Therefore, I introduce a combination of a factory acceptance test, an on-site hydrostatic test, and a unique 100 % money-back guarantee that will make you, a house owner, feel real safe.

With the “German Climate-change-addressing Design for Flood Protection”, your property together with 10,000 other buildings in Asia will be protected against the danger of flooding.

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

Dr. Andreas Klippe

President and Chief Executive Officer

Flood Control Asia RS Corp.

Flood Expert Andres Klippe

100 % safety: Explainer videos, customer service for all questions, and a 30-days money back guarantee. Without ifs and buts.

“…or neglect sudden floods. Your work will remain incomplete without integration of a “climate-change-addressing design” for flood control; and you will sooner or later lose against competitors having such a design.”
“But more customers who appreciate a climate-change-addressing design give you satisfaction to put a dent in the universe.”